I wore sweatpants for an entire day and it was honestly liberating. And no I don’t mean I wore sweatpants in my house for the entire day, I mean I wore sweatpants and went out and about and interacted with other humans. Oh and I didn’t shower either. It was entirely an amazing feeling.

No I did not look like one of those cute ladies with a perfect messy bun and baggy sweat pants and an adorable cardigan. You know the shabby chic masters of looking perfectly comfortable and simultaneously Instagram ready. I definitely looked like a bag lady, I wish I had taken a picture. 100% unkempt. That’s what made it so amazing! The absolute attainment of not being concerned with anything but my own comfort. That sounds really selfish, but sometimes I think a little selfishness is good. I reveled in my pants-less-ness for the entire day.

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