Dear Charlotte

Dear Charlotte,

Today you are 4 years old! That’s 4 trips around the sun that we have shared our lives with you. Things I love about you at 4: when I pick you up and carry you, you often rest your head on my shoulder and rub my back. You say “OH MY GOSH” when you are really excited or surprised. You wear 90% of your clothes backwards (which is hilarious). You love to tell stories. You repeat everything that comes out of my mouth, including curse words. You are kind and gentle but also so incredibly stubborn. And you are a truly sweet and supportive little sister.

This past year has flown by with you! I have loved watching you warm up to people and slowly grow from refusing to talk to anyone to having a group of people you trust and want to share yourself with. You continue to be a beautiful light in all our lives. Happy fourth birthday my love! Having you and Emily delights and frustrates me daily but I can’t imagine life without you. Sometimes I think about life before you and it seems so insane that you haven’t always been with us. I am so looking forward to seeing you become yourself more and more over time. Thank you for choosing me as your mom. Because like I have written in the past, the day you were born is the day I came back to life. I love you and Emily in depth unfathomable.

Happy birthday my dear one! One day when you are ten or twelve or twenty I will give you the biggest hardest longest hug and remind you of this day and all the days since you came to be with us. All the time that you existing has been a treasure to me.

With Love,

your mom

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