Dear Charlotte 

Dear Charlotte,

Today you are two. I think by now we have all realized that though you are little you are fierce. You are bold and brave and unapologetic in your determination to fully live. I hope you never stop doing that, I hope I can raise you to see the world as your resource and not for a minute a thing you need to conform to. Your ferocity for life is probably my favorite thing about you right now. You don’t waste time weighing your options, you dive in head first. Some people have said you must be strong willed, but I laugh and think they must not know your sister very well. I love your sister deeply, in all her beautiful complexity but compared to her, parenting you has been the proverbial cake walk.

I’m sorry that I often put so much time and energy into your sister that you’re just along for the ride. You don’t seem to mind, and for that I am forever grateful. So on your second birthday I want you to know that these dear Charlotte letters are only for you. Your sister gets so much more of me because she needs it in a way that you don’t. These letters will always be my gift to you, just you. One day when you are 10 or 12 or 20 you will read these on your own. One day when I am gone I hope you know how grateful I am that you chose me as your mom.

Always with love,

Your mom

Charlotte this morning getting ready to open gifts.
Charlotte and I on a hike in the jemez mountains last week.
Brave Charlotte determined to ride a big kid bike!

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