Am I a working mom?

All of the sudden I find my stay at home mom plans interrupted by a work from home opportunity. The job is 30 hours a week 15 at home and 15 at the office. My husband and I had just decided to homeschool our five year old for kindergarten when the most amazing opportunity fell into my lap. Working from home and working with artists. As and artist myself I jumped at the opportunity. All these carefully laid plans are suddenly being shook up. I struggle every day to meet my own expectations, what if I can’t meet them for a job, heck what if I can’t meet them for my five year old? I spent three hours today working on my first commission for the home office. I have three more works to complete by Wednesday. All I learned was that it’s going to be hard. I need a work space – not just sitting on the couch. I need to work around nap times. I need to strive for balance. I guess we’ll hope for the best and see what happens.

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